mommy blogger series
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About the Series

Mommy blogs occupy an active and lucrative corner of the internet, where well-heeled and well-groomed parents parade well-dressed families in front of the webcam in exchange for sponsorship dollars, free stuff and a certain kind of infamy. 

Frustrated New York City housewife Addie, driven by a lifetime of thwarted creative impulses and a lifetime of insatiable hunger for attention, wants badly to conquer this world, own it and, in turn, become a celebrity. She's convinced that she and her family are exceptional and she needs the rest of the world to know it too.  So she pressures Jared, her feckless but obedient husband, to quit his banking job and partner with her in the task of turning the obviously contrived performance of lovingly doting on their four sons into a thriving and hip vlog. She claims that this endeavor is in service of her family, but the fact that we never actually see her kids' faces makes it clear that Addie's focus is somewhere else altogether. 

And as it turns out, putting a happy face on daily domesticity is easier said than vlogged. Through her wishful webisodes, the eternally optimistic Addie, desperate to present herself to the world as a perfect mom, unwittingly — relatably, hilariously — unveils the flaws and fissures undercutting her familial foundation.  As she starts to meet some of her mommy-blogging heroes, she comes to realize she's not alone in this self-deception, leading to an existential crisis at the end of Season 1.

It's a comedy — sometimes cringey, sometimes cathartic — about a relentless hunger for approval and a compulsion to document every moment: something anyone with a smartphone and an Instagram account can probably identify with.  And if Addie never finds worldwide fame, maybe at least she and her family will find a way to stop injuring themselves on camera.